Your chance to be a trending expert in IT industries and make a successful career after completion of our courses. We offer extensive Internship program in Uttar Pradesh, Bangalore and other cites as well.


Our Workshops are conducted in Uttar Pradesh, Bangalore, Delhi and all over India. Our trainers are regarded the best when it comes to Hadoop and Robotics training. Other domains include Digital marketing, cyber security, etc.


Get professional education and reliable consultation by our team of certified teachers and instructors. Our faculties are highly rated for their achievements in courses like Hadoop, Big Data, Robotics, etc.


We also provide Internship opportunities for top performing students. Our classes focus on imparting knowledge with practical examples. Certificates are also provided upon successful completion of the modules.


Here you can review some statistics about our Education Center

Hadoop and Robotics Internship

Internship programs are beneficial for students, as it gives inside exposure to the real industry, making it a valuable platform for them to experience the functioning of an organization and the programs they use. Hadoop internship program provides the ability for any student to gather knowledge on analytics, which is becoming a major role player for making or taking decisions based on acquired data.

Our Training programs

The core training team consists of Hadoop experts who possess experience in several industries such as retail, CPG, telecom, media, and technology. Hadoop training with internship is feasible for all those who are passing out or continuing their engineering studies to keep in touch with the new programs that are mushrooming consistently. The course will concentrate on providing knowledge about Proof of Concept that relates to the Big Data program, use of Java programming in Map-Reduce, and several open source technologies that revolve around the Big Data.

Eligibility Criteria

The role is suitable for graduate engineers in the field of computer science or IT engineers with strong academic background. Students who show enthusiasm along with knowledge about Java, Python, and Shell Scripting will be of immense help. Upon fulfillment of the internship, the student will receive the course completion certificate along with the opportunity for a pre-placement offer. We provide comprehensive Hadoop Training in Bangalore Uttar Pradesh and other cities in India.

The other booming sector – Robotics

Another booming technological revolution is robotics. Robotics falls under the advanced manufacturing program offered by only a few selective universities and private sectors. For example, Robosapiens partnered with Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati that offers students the opportunity to learn robotics. The class is open to all graduate students. However, the program requires a student to enroll by paying a certain amount. Nevertheless, given the exposure to the new technologies emerging that will pave a path for new frontiers in the manufacturing industry, shelling a few amounts should not be a problem for an enthusiastic student.

What Robotics internship teaches the student?

Robotics training for freshers consists of 90 seats where the batch will undergo a thorough learning of the embedded system design, which encompasses the architecture, design, and controlling of microcontrollers and sensors. The class further includes exposure to different communication protocols, motor drivers and actuators, PCB designing, and interface display devices. After finishing the course, students will possess the knowledge to build robots according to their imagination. In some cases, the students receive a list where they can pick an application that they have to create to receive the final certification.

Internship in Bangalore and UttarPradesh

Robotics internship is an excellent way to step into the new age technological revolution that could change everything that surrounds us. If you wish to take part or enthusiastic about the technical advancement in this field, it is the right chance for you to take part in internships. Check out the internet or the famous universities and institutes that offer the courses. As there are even private institutes offering several internships in the field of robotics and Hadoop, ensure that they are credible. Make a thorough inquiry and then apply for the position. If you are lucky, you may land up with a job too! We are partnered with top institutions to provide exhaustive robotics training in Bangalore Uttar Pradesh and other Indian cities.


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Our Workshops are based on below courses:

  • Hadoop /Big Data Courses
  • Robotics Training and Internship
  • Advanced Digital Marketing
  • Cyber Security
  • Web Designing

The modules covered in our sessions are as per the latest updates. Certificates are provided to everyone and from time to time we provide Internship options to groom the candidates for the next level.


Hadoop Training: One of the most high paying jobs are being paid for Hadoop and Big data experts. Learn from the best trainers for comprehensive Hadoop training in Bangalore, Uttar Pradesh and other cities in India.

Robotics Course: Organizations from all across the world are adopting robotics methodologies to improve efficiency and automation technology. Learn Robotics in Bangalore, Uttar Pradesh, etc. from the Industry experts.

Web Development: The industry which shows a growing trend in the last few years is in the space of Web and Mobile application development. Get hand on practical based website development training in Bangalore, Uttar Pradesh, etc.

Cyber Security: This domain is adopted by corporate to protect their sensitive data from online threats. Learn extensive modules in cyber security  in Bangalore, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and other locations.

Digital Marketing: Probably the most demanding career which requires more of knowledge based skills rather then educational degree. Our Google certified faculties  will teach the most exhaustive Online marketing strategies.

Cyber Security: This domain is adopted by corporate to protect their sensitive data from online threats. Learn extensive modules in cyber security  in Bangalore, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and other locations.

We also offer expertise in other training sections like Film Making, GraphicsPersonality and communication development and others.

Certifications: A certificate is a recognition of completion and excellence post achieving a course or training. Though there are different types of certifications – At SkillHubInfotech we will offer Institute certificates and also provide guidance to clear different online certifications like Google Adwords, Analytics and others.

Interships: We are associated with different partner companies through which we provide different levels of Internship to high performing students. In the past we have provided Internships in Bangalore, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai and other cities.


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